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Jul 31, 2023

On a special episode of Reality Bomb, we're continuing our tenth anniversary celebrations with a look at our longest running segment, Gallery of the Underrated. We've made a deep dive into the archives and brought back ten Gallery of the Underrateds from the past decade of Reality Bomb that re-examine the overlooked, ignored and generally derided Doctor Who stories of the past 60 years.

This special collection includes:

  • Our first Gallery of the Underrated, with Jon Arnold on The Beast Below (Episode 003)
  • Gary Russell's defence of The Monster of Peladon (Episode 017)
  • A look back on The Sensorites with Shannon Dohar (Episode 057)
  • Paul Condon's re-appraisal of Delta and the Bannermen, which includes a mind-blowing discussion of who the villains actually are... (Episode 047)
  • Priya Deonarain's reconsideration of the themes of Ascension of the Cybermen and The Timeless Children (Episode 091)
  • A journey back to The Planet of the Spiders, courtesy of Lisa Gledhill (Episode 091)
  • Pauline Serizel talking about why Love & Monsters is about her life as a fan (Episode 069)
  • Erika Ensign defending The Ribos Operation... both generally and against a hostile room live at Gallifrey One (Episode 054)
  • Glen Weldon having a topping day, eh wot, with Black Orchid (Episode 042)
  • Gary Gillatt re-examining The Invasion of Time (Episode 097)