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Dec 20, 2022

On this holiday episode of Reality Bomb, Graeme Burk and Joy Piedmont are here for fans experiencing the absence of any Doctor Who special this holiday season by re-presenting some past segments from Reality Bomb's vaults to do with the Doctor Who Christmas specials including Mark Askwith and Nikki Stafford's discussion of the tenth anniversary of the Christmas Specials recorded in 2015 at our live Christmas special (Episode 030A) in Toronto. We also go back to one of Sage Young's first Reality Bomb segments with her Gallery of the Underrated on The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe from Episode 018. And Joy's documentary from Episode 085 examines what made the Doctor Who Christmas specials, well, special. And we have Spoiler Cops: Die Hardly from Episode 018. Plus Joy and Graeme share favourite moments from Christmas specials and play a holiday version of This-or-That... and Graeme tells a holiday-themed Joel and Carlie story!