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Oct 17, 2019

On the seventy-third edition of Reality Bomb we have a special live episode recorded at the Stone Creek Bar and Lounge in New York with Graeme Burk and Joy Piedmont. First, we bring together NPR Books editor Petra Mayer, Marvel Comics writer Dan Slott and Bustle's movies editor Sage Young to discuss where things go from here with Doctor Who series 12. Then we subject Nick Abadzis, Shannon Dohar and Chip Sudderth to our fiendishly hard music quiz. And we talk with The Moment's Tom Dickinson about the end of Whofaldi and the Hybrid as he brings Hell Bent into the Gallery of the Underrated. Plus we have a bonus quiz with Rachel Donner and Edie Nugent and a double shot of comedy with Kim Rogers, Adrienne Enderle, Edie Nugent, Chip Sudderth, Jason Miller, Shannon Dohar and Tom Dickinson!