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Oct 27, 2017

It's the fiftieth edition of Reality Bomb and we have a special live episode recorded in New York at Passage Irish Bar and Kitchen in Astoria, Queens with Graeme Burk and co-host Shannon Dohar! There's a new Doctor hype news quiz regarding the silly season's best stories following the announcement of Jodie Whittaker with Simon Fraser and Robert Smith? and friends; we have music and "The Song He Couldn't Be Arsed to Write" with Cat Smith; a journey to the 1920s and Agatha Christie in the Gallery of the Underrated with This Week in Time Travel's Alyssa Franke; and a discussion of multi-Doctor stories with the nearly-late Petra Mayer, Sage Young and Nick Abadzis. Plus the new game all the kids are playing with Kim Rogers, Kathleen Schowalter, Joy Piedmont and Andy Hicks; Listneners Q and A with Alex Kennard... and a few other surprises! It's your favourite podcast, but it's live...and celebrating the big five-oh!