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Sep 28, 2016

On the thirty-eighth edition of Reality Bomb we have a special live episode recorded in New York at The Way Station in Brooklyn with Graeme Burk and co-host Shannon Dohar. There's an interview on the 50th anniversary of the Doctor's first regeneration on the enduring potential of regeneration with NPR Books editor Petra Mayer and Verity! podcast's Deborah Stanish; a trivia contest on Doctor Who in comics with Titan's Doctor Who comics' Nick Abadzis and Simon Fraser and The Beat's Edie Nugent; a conversation on head canon and what that means with Angelique Roche, Sage Young, Kathleen Schowalter and Simon Fraser; and LI Who's own Ken Deep is in the hot seat as Warriors of the Deep is in the Gallery of the Underrated. All this plus the music of Cat Smith and a rap battle extraordinaire with Andy Hicks (who wrote it) and Cat Smith and Kim Rogers. And Graeme reads from his adolescent fan fiction! It's your favourite Doctor Who podcast but it's Brooklyn!

NOTE: Graeme's 1984 drawing of 'his' Doctor in his fan fiction can be found on our facebook page