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Aug 21, 2023

On a special episode of Reality Bomb, we’re continuing our tenth anniversary celebrations with a journey through Doctor Who and its fandom over the past decade with our editorials. We’ve trawled through our archives we're presenting ten editorials from past ten years of Reality Bomb that talk about what enrages, enthralls, excites and enlivens us as Doctor Who fans.

This special collection includes:

  • Graeme's discussion of the Doctor being "never cruel or cowardly" and how that played out in the then-recent retcon in Day of the Doctor from December 2013. (Episode 006)
  • Graeme conducts an interview with Chris Chibnall (in absentia) about all the things that have bothered him about Doctor Who's non-existent promotion of the series with its fans back in 2019. (Episode 085)
  • Joy looks back on how Last Christmas was there for her during a particularly difficult holiday season. (Episode 075)
  • Sage Young talks about how one of the first things she did during the pandemic was renew her Britbox subscription, and how doing the pilgrimage through Classic Doctor Who helped her through that period. (Episode 087)
  • From September 2021: RTD returns, and Graeme has many, many, many, many feelings about it. (Episode 092)
  • The first story of Joel and Carlie in a special, rarely heard, "studio" version recorded in November 2013 (originally presented in Epsiode 006a)
  • Priya Deonarain takes us through the then-recent Flux and talks about the themes, ideas and big swings this story took. (Episode 095)
  • From our shelter-in-place live zoom shows from 2020, Joy talks about the Doctor Who Blackout event, how it came out of a planned live-tweeting that failed to connect to recent events... and what all of us can do to be a better ally to BIPOC fans. (Episode 081) Introduced by Rebecca Farren
  • Back in 2018, Doctor Who Magazine went to a North American convention to a #metoo panel... and had a British middle aged guy interview another British middle aged guy about it. Graeme talks about what's wrong with this picture, how DWM is so insular editorially, and how that reflects fandom as a whole. (Episode 056)
  • From our first Gallifrey One live show in 2017, Graeme looks back on the past Gallys he's attended, and why he loves conventions so much. (Episode 043)

A quick note... you may have heard that some fan creators are no longer covering Doctor Who due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, because Doctor Who is on the SAG-AFTRA list of struck work. We fully support the strike and the writers and actors fighting for fair contracts; however, fan podcasts like ours can continue to discuss Doctor Who because we’re not bound by either union’s rules that prevent members from promoting struck work. As fans, there are many ways you can support the strike and the workers. To that end, we'd like to offer a few resources:

Donation page for the Entertainment Community Fund

SAG-AFTRA's Strike info page

WGA's strike info page