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Oct 31, 2023

On the one hundred and twelfth edition of Reality Bomb, we talk to classical musician Elizabeth Reid McQuillan about the new version of the Doctor Who theme and what makes the Doctor Who theme so popular. We chat with Graham Kibble-White, co-author of the new bookazine Adventures in Type and Space, about how the book came together, and how some of the greatest title sequences in Doctor Who's history came together, with exclusive clips of Graham's interviews with the legendary Bernard Lodge and Peter Govey. And we reconvene the Reality Bomb Book Club as Shannon Dohar and Martin Hajovsky discuss Russell T Davies' and Benjamin Cook's behind the scenes look at the making of series four, Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale. Plus: Graeme Burk examines the origins of the oooo-eee-oooos and the dumba-ba-dums that make up the Doctor Who theme to see how it connects with Murray Gold's latest version ... and we discover, the hard way, that there are some things in the world of Doctor Who that are more ridiculous than any comedy sketch we can make.