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Jan 22, 2018

On the fifty-third edition of Reality Bomb, we have a super-sized episode that features Reality Bomb's new co-producer Joy Piedmont talking with Kim Rogers and Simon Fraser about Peter Capaldi's swansong, Twice Upon a Time, and how the twelfth Doctor's finale fared, how a less-than-progressive portrayal of the first Doctor worked, and what they're looking forward to based on Jodie Whittaker's brief debut. Meanwhile, Lindsey Mayers and NPR Books Editor Petra Mayer are on hand for another edition of Are These Rumours Hot or Not? as they discuss what few rumours have made it out from Chris Chibnall's tight lid on production and judge them (thoroughly). And the Gallery of the Underrated reaches a milestone with its 50th segment as writer, designer and Doctor Who fan (and the designer of Reality Bomb's logo and graphics) Scot Clarke comes back to do his look back on the Idiot's Lantern he was supposed to have done in episode 002! Plus: we have an instructional recording on how to speak like Jodie Whittaker, and a popular radio show and podcast examines the history of artificially intelligent Doctor Who fans!