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Sep 10, 2021

Never fear, Reality Bomb listeners. There's nothing wrong with your podcast! The gang from Deeper Cuts -- Shannon Dohar, Rob Jones and Reality Bomb's very own Graeme Burk -- have been timescooped over to Reality Bomb's feed (in honour of the Deeper Cuts miniseries, The Soundtrack Sessions, available now!) to do their thing with us-- talking about an album that was of significance to one of them. Because it's Reality Bomb, they're talking about a Doctor Who soundtrack: 1984's Doctor Who - The Music II, which Graeme bought as 17 year-old as it was the sequel to an album he coveted from PBS pledge breaks. But how does this BBC Radiophonic Workshop collection with its heavy synths hold up in the modern era? And what are the basic elements that all Doctor Who music -- of any era -- shares? Get behind the sofa, good people, as the Deeper Cuts trio get all timey-wimey!

You can find out more about Deeper Cuts at their website, or look them up wherever you get your podcasts. You can talk to them on twitter at @deepercutscast