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Feb 26, 2018

On the fifty-fourth edition of Reality Bomb we have a special live episode recorded at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles with Graeme Burk and Joy Piedmont. We start off by looking to the future of Doctor Who with Sage Young, Tai Gooden and Simon Fraser. In celebrating 30 years of Perivale's finest citizen, we have a quiz about all things Ace with Paul Cornell, Felicity Kuzinitz, Rob Shearman and Rachel Donner. Controversy comes to the Gallery of the Underrated (live in the room!) when the Verity! podcast's Erika Ensign offers The Ribos Operation for consideration. We have a live edition of Listener's Letters adjudicated by Paul Cornell and a bonus quiz with Shannon Dohar and Deb Stanish. Plus we have a double shot comedy from Kim Rogers, Andy Hicks, Felicity Kuzinitz, Edie Nugent, Chip Sudderth, Liz Myles, Bill Evenson, Robert Smith? and special guest star Richard Ashton!


Reality Bomb is also proud to support #whoagainstguns, an initiative to encourage Doctor Who fans to take action against gun violence.

An all-star cast of over 40 Doctor Who podcasters, writers and fans are coming together to record a podcast commentary of a Classic Who story. The podcast will only be released to listeners who provide a donation to an organization committed to ending gun violence.

For more details visit the Who Against Guns webpage.